Social assistance


Faced with the dramatic consequences that cancer has on the individuals’ personal and working spheres, the Work is progress project aims to facilitate the insertion/re-insertion of cancer patients into the labour market, guaranteeing a multidisciplinary approach aimed at supporting the person’s well-being.

Thanks to customised job placement schemes, the active involvement of the private sector, multidisciplinary services aimed at better managing the progression of the illness and the establishment of a local support network, the project aims to assist beneficiaries in finding a new job, with continuous support that focuses on the person’s needs.

The programme promotes guidance, training, counselling and support for job placement using a multidisciplinary approach that provides an integrated reading of the person’s specific needs. As well as being able to count on a team composed of multiple professionals (job counsellor, lawyer, psychologist, mediator), the programme operates systematically to encourage the development of integrated local service networks, with the aim of fostering users’ comprehensive care.

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Social Assistance


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