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The Tichakunda Center is located in the Hatcliffe Extension, one of the most poverty-stricken communities of the Harare district in Zimbabwe. Despite its proximity to the capital, the Hatcliffe Extension does not have access to water, the sewage system and electrical grid. These issues are the principal cause of infection and disease that afflict in particular children, who make up 55% of the population. The project 'Clean water cultivates life' aims to improve these hygienic-sanitary conditions of the children of Tichakunda.

In 2014, hydraulic and structural interventions for the community were carried out: a solar water pump system was installed for the Day Care Center while infrastructural interventions for new bathrooms and a new kitchen were also completed there. Three chicken coops were built and 500 units of chicks purchased, which allowed earnings to be reinvested in the Income Generation Activity and in the nutrition of the children. Nine hectares of land were plowed, fertilized and sown.

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The Agevolando Association is a non-profit organization that seeks to develop self-sufficiency skills and provide training to youth at the end of their educational careers, who need assistance getting their footing in society.

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