The Canali Onlus has chosen to work alongside CBM Italia, a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to fighting blindness in countries of the southern hemisphere.

In the world, 253 million people suffer from visual impairment and 89% of them live in undeveloped nations. In these countries, being blind becomes a marginalizing factor, keeping people from attending school and/or finding a job.
The Canali Foundation has decided to bring aid to Nepal and Rwanda - two countries where the need for eye-care is on the raise. In order to do so, it has teamed up with the EREC-P (Eastern Eye Care Program) blindness treatment program in Nepal, one of the largest eye-care projects in the world, and Ophthalmic Department of Kabgayi Hospital in Rwanda.

Both groups are leaders in the field of eyesight health not only in their respective countries, but also in neighboring ones, assisting hundreds of thousands of children and adults every year.
Specifically, FCO will contribute to the acquisition of two machines: an auto-refractometer in Nepal and a retinal scanner in Rwanda. These tools used will allow doctors to identify refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism; and vascular diseases of the macula, optic nerve, and neoplasms. An act that will translate into concrete positive impact, offering quality eye-care to vulnerable populations.

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